A touch of Romanticism™

Behold through my eyes and,
You shall forget all the mediocrity,
We have been enlisted with.
Deducing all the fragmented soul,
I want to delete the dilapidated inner self.
And coordinate our strength,
 To scribble one history we can stand up for.

Trumpet of glory,
To be rhapsodized with umpteen enigma.
Roses of utopian magical extravaganza;
Constituting of ulterior romance,
I characterize them all;
I am on a voyage to a life,
Where everything shall be on my side,
And you shall be in arms,
Forever open so wide.

Like the strength of a perennial river;
And with the brilliance of a star;
Would I ever like to flow;
And shine upon you.
Shall the perpetual moon test our destiny;
Let’s be the one;
To force the unique love to our path.

I love you,
And I love you;
Till tears drips away from my eyes,
And the eyes shall glisten no more.

As fresh as dew,
As enigmatic as the clear blue sky,
As majestic as grand Himalayas;
Wish I to rise up, rise up;
In my dream, with my held high.
Across the street; love I, to see you;
Waiting for me with a smile so warm..
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