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“What is your ambition?” and the answer would always come springing, “Well this and that”. It is one of the most common sessions; we have to go through during our school days. But little do we know how difficult and cumbersome it is to meet the expectation, we cultivate during those initial years. Life shows us some different spectrum when we grow up and we are hardly taught in our school or at college to face such ordeals. Career, choice and options keep on shrinking once we jump on to the track vying for the opportunities.

 Education is one of the prime factors that give us a proper launch pad in relation to the career but education alone is not enough here in our country; there are other dynamics like experience, nepotism and favoritism, contacts and personal references, well to do family and even the country where we open our eyes. For instance, the other day there was news in the paper regarding the university topper (Tribhuvan University-to be specific) who requested for a job, instead of Gold Medal the university offered. But I agree; education constitutes the highest pie.

Well after graduation, I also went on a hunt for right kind of job as I realized that I have to stand on my own feet. So, I waded through many daily newspapers and tried day in and day out. I worked my fingers to bone carrying certificates in hand but I was nipped in the bud every time. The flicker of my hope was blown to ashes when a job that I was supposed to get was offered to someone, simply because she was kith and kin of someone; the manager was well connected with.  But according to them, the dearth of experience level in me was the main cause behind their inability to award me with the job, I deserved. However they forgot the fact, “When we have enough of experience, we are termed too old to fit for the job”.

I pocketed the insult and renounced my marathon for job, that very day. It even taught me well that favoritism and nepotism is the key to success, or here a job in my context. But I couldn’t give a constant reinforcement regarding my renouncement for job, the fact that I don’t come from well to do family made an impact here. Had I made from a well to do family, I could wait for a sensible opportunity. Hence, I had to compromise too. There are countless heads like me. Here, I just portray million of youths who had to face the same kind of fate either this way or that way.

Every month more than a lakh youth choose gulf countries for employment and along with them half other leave for western world in quest of better career, since there are hardly any choice left here. Small ratios of people who are happy to be here are also considering their choices. Chances are rife that they may also get in race for migration. The credit should go to the political instability, lack of security and opportunity. Some lucky few are making it big though. (I admit it). The wealthy are getting wealthier, whereas the poor are getting poorer day by day. As a freshman, I don’t find anything reasonable to be proud of being in this part of the world. I am all full of complains, whines and criticism anywhere I turn to. Some have been included, whereas some have been left over for all of us to consider for.

We are distressed. We see negativity in each and everything. We lack zeal and we are ardent follower of hypocrisy. We hate every good thing; we are not a part of. We pass verdicts from solitary confinement and we refrain from pulsating others at higher level than one self. We have a tendency to look down upon profession. We are too judgmental about the type of profession one is involved in, and we don’t consider work a profession unless it pays back a hefty sum in return; as we come from the society where we are nurtured such feelings from very early.

The condition of the youth is terrible and grim. Every day we switch to a new lane, every day we change the corridor and each alternate day we pass through a new boulevard with single hope that one day we shall be recognized and one day we shall have what we deserve. We know there is a light at the end of every tunnel, but we critically have to see it as truck, since it is way too possible in our country. We die each day after dark and take a new life, the next morning in anticipation of new change; a better one contrary to a bitter one, that is so eminent.

2010 is almost over. A new year is approaching us fast. With each New Year, I stuff myself with tons of hopes, resolutions and aspirations. Some, I live up to the expectation, some I dump blaming my luck and sheer inability. I am flowing with the time to prevent myself from collecting moss, but it is of grave concern that I am flowing without making any significant mark. 
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