Ncell Nepal Launches 3G data Card

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Ncell communication company of Nepal have introduced high speed 3.6Mbps data card for it’s users. With this, accessing internet at high speed is possible within the coverage area.

A specially designed USB data card with a data SIM card having a tariff plan can be bought from any Ncell centres or Ncell shop. The Data Card, once connected to the USB port of a Laptop, Desktop or Mac, automatically installs the required software to connect to the network. It works in areas that have Ncell mobile network. The speed vary depending upon the users location and can be unbelievable 3.6 Mbps depending upon the distance from the network. Also, the Connect tariff is designed to fit the needs of internet usage, and the three tariffs allow anyone to pick a package of their need. The Connect data card is priced at Rs. 1999 (excl. taxes) and the data SIM with Connect tariff is priced at Rs. 99 (excl. taxes) with a balance of Rs. 50. The internet package starts at Rs. 499 for 500 MB i.e Rs1 for 1MB of data .
Once the pack expires you easily can buy a new pack or pay the reduced MB tariff of 2 rupees per MB. Ncell Connect is available in both pre-paid and post paid formats. The regular scratch cards available at the Ncell sales point will allow the recharging for prepaid.
As soon as the advertisement of the NCELL CONNECT was made public through various media, i personally went to NCELL Office situated at New Baneshwor-Krishna Tower to find out more information regarding the Connect. But to my utter dismay the Customer representative deployed over there were unable to answer even my simple queries.I felt frustrated and exasperated with their attitude. Most of all, they were the one who were more ignorant than me in terms of the service their own company had launched. I found a complete lack of knowledge and competency in them. Ncell must have endowed them with all the technological knowledge regarding the new service, so they would be able to satisfy the queries of the visitors. Most the representatives placed over their looked quite young and it was surprising how they did not even respond to my queries. At last i was handed with a booklet containing all the information that i was looking for but the information placed on the booklet and the information provided by the representatives of the NCELL conflicted with each other. To cut it short, NCELL must make it sure that their staffs placed for the people should be furnished with all the important knowledge regarding their service, so that they wont have to run here and there when ever we place queries.

In-order, to use the 1MB data for RS 1, the data card provided by Ncell is must (comes with a tailored software). How ever we can use their internet services from other GSM data card too but we are charged exuberantly. Hence, we must get the NCELL tailored  data card to be able to use 1MB data for RS 1.

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