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          If leaving on a jet plane was exciting, laying bed ridden for more than two months was excruciating and agonizing. It was more disturbing when the dark clouds of fact prevailed over me time and again that I am far flung from my homeland, my country and my peeps. I had no one to turn to and I had no one to share and voice out my pain to. Life in foreign soil to me was more of a distressing and disconcerting than eventful and thrilling. I lay wide-awake on my bed day and night with just pain and dissatisfaction as my friend.

The first one-month of my stay was fit, fine and healthy one but the trouble started approaching me as the second month begin to make its way. I started developing acute pain in my abdomen out of nowhere. The pain began to shoot up more and more with each passing days. Even then, I did not miss my University and job hunt. I had a belief somewhere inside me that the pain would subside someday but all my conviction derailed when the pang of pain hit me more than before. I strolled with the pain till I could hold it.

The third month and I was in bed frisking with pain. The level of my endurance could no more resist the unbearable pain. I gave up finally and made my way to the hospital. The doctor made me go through different check up like endoscopy, ultrasound, blood test, x-ray etc. Finally the doctor came up with findings that I had redundant water stashed in my stomach and that my intestine was devoured by gastro instestinal problem.  I was prescribed different medicines and I had to live under strict food control. Each day I had to consume around 6 different capsules of drugs during daytime and two injections at night. I had lost around 13 kg of weight during these three months.

Three more months passed with the medicines. These days I am feeling more comfortable than before. I am working too and finally I am relaxed to some extent.

Life in foreign is actually tough, but it gets tougher when we are not sound in wind and limb. “ Bideshma rookhko hangama paisa falcha bhanthe tara, yeha ta hangama hoina jara nai ukhelda ne bhetna garo hune rahecha”.

    Anyway, my best wishes are with all those who are out of the country. Stay safe and healthy…

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