Da Day I Missed Da World Cup Finale 2010

The Swollen Appendix removed after Operation

11th July 2010
6 A.M.

Even though I slept late the other day, I don’t know why; but my eyes opened up as early as 6 in the morning. As I woke up, I felt a rush of cold in the atmosphere. I looked through my windows just to find out the downpour lashing hard on my window panes. I remained in my bed for a while, enjoyed the rain and again lied down on the bed for a quick and small nap. But fell fast asleep and as I woke up the next time, it was already 8 A.M.

8 A.M.

At 8 a.m. I woke up for second time on a single morning. By now the drizzle had stopped and the sun was smiling by the window. The morning seemed a perfect starter for everyone. I got out of my bed, went to the wash room, took a shower and did all that we all usually do as we get up from the sleep. I live with my brother in a small flat we have booked. My brother is a student in one of the +2 college here in Kathmandu. So, he usually wakes up by 5:30 in the morning and makes to the college. So, I morning I am all alone and I have to prepare everything by myself.  By 9 a.m., I was done with the breakfast. I even fed my two little dogs. They are more than friend to me. Both are nearly one year old and are very playful.

9 A.M
I reached my office on time as usual. I live very close to the place where I work for. So, most of the time, I turn up earlier than my other colleagues. Every day I open the office, read the newspapers, surf the net, rest for a while and wait for the friends to arrive.
I got the newspaper and headed toward my cabin. Since it was the final day of the World Cup 2010, most of the pages of the newspapers were filled with the advertisements of the World Cup projections and screenings. In this World Cup, I had been supporting Spain from the very beginning. And since Spain had reached the final, I was feeling really excited about the match that was going to take place on the very day. I along with my friends had already planned to watch this final at my place. So, I had thought it is going to be a good fun this evening. But little did I know, things gonna be totally different.

10 A.M
I seemed to have some problem in my stomach. I don’t know how but all of a sudden, I got some strange feelings and difficulty in the abdomen. I ordered for a tea with contemplation that the hot tea might make me feel better. I finished sipping the tea but the idea did not work for me. The pain in my stomach began to rise further. So, I lied down in my cabin for a while with a hope that, the pain might subside in a while. But to my utter dismay it also failed to do any tricks. The pain scaled more heights with every minute. The pain was very sharp and acute; I could feel it most affecting the right hand side of the abdomen. I conversed with my friends and made for the home to get the rest.

11 A.M
I reached my room and jumped right on the bed without wasting any time.  I tried to sleep but due to the pain, I couldn’t fall asleep. I reached for my mobile, made a call to my brother and asked him to get some pain killer tablets for me while returning back from the college.  

12:15 A.M
My brother was standing in front of me, he helped me to stand up and handed me the medicine that I had asked for. Without wasting any time, I gulped the tablets and lied down on the bed again for the rest. I closed my eyes and tried desperately harder to get some sleep. Surprisingly, I felt asleep after trying nearly half an hour. As I woke up the clock had already stricken 2 P.M.

2 P.M.
I got up and went to the wash room, got freshened up and returned back to the room. Suddenly i felt very nauseating, so I got out of the room and went to the wash room again. In a matter of second, I vomited for nearly three times. The pain in my stomach worsened up further. I had no idea of what was happening inside me. Nothing worked, so I was really tensed and so was my brother. My brother again rushed to a pharmacy nearby, consulted with the pharmacist and got me another medicine. I took it too and waited with a thought that it might work. But nothing significant happened. The pain was aggravating more and more. After nearly half an hour, I had another vomit. It was really painful and the pain inside my stomach was scaling more and more. Even then I resisted harder with a hope that the pain might fly in due course of time. In this way, I held my self till 6 P.M in the evening.

6:30 P.M.
I held the pain within me with all that I could. But things started to slip out of my hands, the pain rose much further than I could really take. It was getting difficult for me to breathe also. So, I decided to head for the hospital. With the help of my brother and my friend, I rushed to the emergency ward. There, they referred me to a doctor called Mahesh Adhikari after going through some preliminary check up. My brother and my friend filled up the form paid the charges in the mean time. The staff at the hospital told me that Dr. Mahesh would turn up by 8 P.M.

8:45 P.M.
Dr. Mahesh turned up late, really late. I could hardly hold back any pain further. I felt like I was dying from inside. At 8:45 he approached me and enquired about everything. He also carried on some preliminary checkups and instantly came up with the conclusion that I was having APPENDICITIS. He seemed to have lots of confidence and a good expertise in his field. He even did not find it necessary to have the CT.Scan; it’s usually carried out if someone is suspected to have appendicitis. He said, “We can’t waste any time”. But he told me to get the bold test and x ray done. So, I headed towards the pathology lab, where I was supposed to get the blood test and x ray.

9:45 P.M               
I was made to strip all my clothes and every accessory that I was putting on. They got me a hospital gown, which is usually offered to the patients undergoing operations. I could barely stand up, so a hospital staff helped me with the gown. In a matter of second, I got rushed to surgery ward. There, they made me to lie on a surgical bed. I moved my eyes around. There were different types of machineries placed in different places. In the same manner, I could also see various kinds of tools that are used by the doctors during surgery. The only thing I knew among them was the scalpel. There were altogether four surgeons in the surgery room. They were dressed in green gown with a mask over their mouth and nose. One of the surgeons approached me and took my left hands and feed me with the saline through my vein whereas the other strapped a blood pressure checking machinery around my right arm. Similarly the thirds surgeon gave anesthetic on my spinal cord. Within five minutes, my both legs went numb. I couldn’t feel anything below my waist. Then they told me that they are going to operate on me. This is what I know. After that, when I woke up I was in the next ward. I woke up nearly after five hours. When I woke up, my pain had gone. Even though, I could still feel the pain post surgery.

12th July 2010

7 A.M.
Eshu had come to visit me. The first thing I asked her was about the World Cup result. She told me that Spain had lead by one goal. I felt a kind of relaxation though I missed that moment.

The following week I spent all my time being on the bed in hospital.

The appendix is a small and thin finger like pouch, attached to the large intestine; it is found on the lower right side of the abdomen. There are many theories revolving around the actual use and benefit of this organ. The real reason why it is present in our body has been under scrutiny by scientists for ages. The appendix had been considered to be a useless organ for a long time, but now various factors imply that this is an organ where good bacteria reside, to help fight against infection. The appendix seems to be an integral but unexplored part of our immune system. Other scientists believe the organ may have been of use to the early man, to digest tough leaves and barks. The appendix is made up of two types of tissues – the outside layer is lined with muscle tissue, and the inside has lymphatic tissue, which produces the antibodies. Although it is a known fact that people without an appendix are able to live just as well as others, the usefulness of the organ is still a hotly debated topic.
The location of appendix is at the beginning of the colon where the small and large intestines join; this place is very vulnerable and prone to infection. This is the area where there is a large risk of infection by foreign objects. Appendicitis is a condition that is caused when the appendix gets inflamed; it is a painful infection of the appendix. This is a medical crisis, and if treatment is not given in time it may rupture and cause a major infection; this can cause an emergency situation that might sometimes even be fatal. Appendicitis usually occurs when the appendix gets clogged by build-up of thick mucus, feces, a foreign object, or sometimes even a tumor (a rare occurrence). This obstruction causes the bacteria inside the appendix to multiply, further resulting in swelling which exerts pressure on the walls of the appendix, inducing it to burst. Finally, the appendix bursts open or perforates the abdominal region, spreading the infection. An inflamed appendix will burst open if not removed in time, leading to a dangerous condition known as “peritonitis”. When infection occurs, the walls are swollen and get filled with infectious fluid.
The pain felt during appendicitis, is not like any pain one experiences during indigestion or a usual stomach ache. It starts near the belly button, and moves lower to the right. Appendicitis occurs most commonly in people between the ages of 10 and 30, but it may happen to anyone at any given point of time. 1 out of 15 people develop appendicitis in their lifetime. The occurrence is highest among males from ages 10 to 14, and among females from ages 15 to 19. You will find that appendicitis leads to more emergency abdominal surgeries, than any other 

An info on appendix
The stitch dat i got after the operation

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