The Season of Bangles n Mehendi~~~

The month of greenery has arrived here once again. Shrawan is the month famous among Nepalese girls and women as the month of green bangles and the fasting, whereas for others it’s the month of cool monsoon and lots of green floras. While most lads and chaps are found busy trying to escape the rain, the girls are found equally busy trying to get green bangles and mehindi on their hands. Married or unmarried, every lady is enticed by the color green, yellow and red in this month.

 While the plants are green and voluptuous with the new shoots and leaves, the ladies are drowned in the greenery with green bangles and mehendi. Even though it’s not in our culture to celebrate this month as the festivity of bangles and mehendi, our sisters are quick enough to bring every new thing they see in the Hindi Daily Soaps into practice. On road or at home, in school or in college, in the mall or a theatre; everywhere we get to see the female lots adorned with green bangles and mehendi. It’s the prime time for the mehendi artist to make some money. The roads, alleys, and the lanes of Kathmandu at this time are covered with the mehendi artist trying to allure the ladies with the most amazing designs. Ladies from every caste and creed celebrate this festival with equal zeal.

To make this month more interesting, ladies take a fast every Monday throughout the month. While the married ones pray for the longevity of their husband and well being of the families; the unmarried ones pray for good looking, loving husband and better future.

Hoards and hoards of women queue at Pashupatinath Temple from all over the country to worship Lord Shiva from early morning clad in red and green saris. During this same month, we get to hear about many incidence of woman getting faint because of the fast they take. Yet hardly a few female lots dare to escape this month without green bangles, mehendi design and fasting. Happy fasting, to all the ladies.
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