momENT 2 cheRish....

Every time I glance at these snaps that we clicked in college uniform, automatically my sanity takes me to cherish able memory lane of panoramic COLLEGE life. Don’t know and can’t make out how those hobnobbing years glided by. Feels like it was yesterday that I had enrolled myself but unfortunately it’s not the reality. Two prolific years zoomed in a flash and now what I have are the wonderful memento only. My dearest friends who were closer like family are now far, lost in their own world panting and sweating out for designating their career. Each and everything related with my COLLEGE LIFE(+2) have now become a drooling anecdote of once upon a time.

My fervent college life began frivolously. Time and fortune took me to the college, very different and UNIQUE that was BRILLIANT in its own kind. As a fresh student, I knew none of the strange faces but I made no error and lost not even a single second to scan out my old bosom buddy ‘PASANG’ who too had enrolled in the same college. Then what more would I want for? Humble and cordial as he was, we started jamming together. Well, thereafter began my ecstatic epoch-making COLLEGE LIFE in real sense. Slowly every unacquainted faces of yesterday became good friends.

Rock music was part and parcel of our life. NIRVANA, OFFSPPRING, BONJOVI, LINKIN PARK, MATHCBOX 20, and AUDIOSLAVE was our sense of music, our way of life and our idea of fun. Canteen was the most important part of our COLLEGE LIFE. I don’t remember any such day when we missed to be in canteen. Thronging in the canteen, singing songs, larking about and cracking jokes in consort with friends were the things that we enjoyed each and every second.

The damn care attitude was the funniest things that we never mind to amend, though we seemed worried us at the time of exam. Cramming at the peak hour of exam and keeping books at sixes and sevens the next day were our routines. Submitting assignment to teacher was never our cup of tea. Inventing lunatic excuses was like chopping butter with a hot knife. Raising hell in classes by making squeaky and hilarious noises would make us cool and different.

Each of the guys held the attitude that one should have girlfriend to be the talk of story. Most often the guys would be caught flirting and flattering their female counterparts with a fake gift of gab. Besides these, whom I would never leave to mention about are the frigid guys and girls, the bold and beautiful and every others’ who would never fail to envy others’ success and criticize flamboyantly to snatch the credits.

Well, I’m 100% confident that none could ever counterfeit the flair, the felicity, the enigma, the passion and the majestic life that I had in my COLLEGE LIFE(+2). Now, after all these years I have realized that I was in a total fool’s paradise. Actually COLLEGE LIFE doesn’t mean freak outs and fun. It’s lot more than that. Anyway; as the bottom line I would like to remember all my wonderful friends.

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