Shame on meh!!

Right from childhood, we are ingrained US is a perfect utopia. Politically or economically, socially or traditionally, physically or geographically US has always stood tall and great. We have forever been etched it is best of the best. I remember how during our school days we were taught, US is the richest country, US is the strongest country, US is the most developed country… so and so. Owing to all these, I always had an utmost desire to touch US soil and feel US air once in my lifetime. US to me, stood always as my sole destination.

I always had an inbuilt passion to learn more about US. Any article written about US, her citizens or her leaders would lure me to a great extent. During our geography class, I would always insist my teacher to teach about US first; even my friends carried the same obsession. The struggle of Abraham Lincoln had more effect in me than that of Ganeshman Singh, the scores of Wordsworth appealed more to me than those of Siddhi Charan Shrestha, even the gallantry of Gorkha soldiers appear nothing to me when compared to the American intelligence etc and etc….

Weird, but I know more about 50 states than 14 zones. I can sketch the perfect flag of 50 stars and 13 lines more nicely than ours with the sun and moon. With time, I am getting inclined towards American music. Even my younger brother, I do find him humming and moving to the tunes of those hip hoppers, rappers and punk rockers… It has been nearly a decade that I have not switched on to Kollywood’s package but the one distributed by Hollywood, I have never missed. When I got the news of terrorist attack on twin towers, it depressed me to max; in fact it surpassed the sorrow, which I had failing my annual exam. Even the t-shirt, I put on has been imprinted “I luv America”. Not once but twice I tried for D.V. but luck kicked my fate both the times. I have not even forgotten how I would explain my grandma “BHARE BOKNU PARE PANI AMERICA NAI JHANCHUU”

Reality bites but it is not only me who carries such attitude. In fact I am trying to represent a complete Nepalese perception here. I know how everyone would be taken aback going through these lines. Not only amazed and aghast people might get exasperated. Nevertheless, if we ponder just for a while over this topic, we’ll come up with what I am up to. We all are well aware of the fact how most of us have dreamt of dollars, how most of us filled the EDV…Any one may agree or disagree but if we give a chance none would let go off this opportunity. Even the wisest of wisest or simply so-called patriot too, shall run to seize this opportunity. Well, instead of striving to take our country to the trail of development, creating opportunities, we are persevering to spring on US. It’s the ultimate time that we think about Nepal, so people why not try to find US in Nepal itself?

It always feels good to articulate and write such goods things about our country, designing idea about how we can make our country better but it’s not always necessary to follow what we think. Thinking and implementing are two completely different sides of a coin.

We are by nature so made up to form our own opinions, develop our conviction, draw our inference, and pass the verdicts. We are free to choose our destiny and accomplish what we like. I was never a jingoist neither a philanthropist but may be I shall turn out into one when I have enough dollars to support my nation, humanity and downtrodden ones. So, for that noble cause, I’m working hard to pave my way towards my destination. Therefore, “Please pray for me”, so that my shameless dream would come true.

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