The ascending dust, honking vehicles, the dusky sun and ever moving mass of people; suggested the office time was over. But Laxman hardly knew where he should be heading to. Dashain had knocked at his door too. He had just been out of the office with his salary. Though difficult it may sound, he had to manage a small but joyous Dashain for his family in far away village as promised. He was not able to make out whether he should go for shopping or leave it for the next day. The hustle and bustle of people around every nook and corner suggested that Dashain was on full swing

Laxman found himself flowing among the rabble. An old rusty bus; almost dead screeched it’s off beat brakes just in front of him. Laxman was lost in the confusion whether he should ride the bus to home or move ahead for shopping. But before he came to his senses, he got swept into the bus by the hurricanes of people blazing behind him. He stuck his head out and swore at the impatient people, “F**k I don’t understand why these ass w**les act so smart…..just to hold a filthy seat...”

Laxman, a young man of 23; sound in health and limb was a struggler in the town. He had been in Kathmandu for just a year from far away in a hope of a better career and to further his education. Because of the family pressure he had to tie the knots in early age though he did not want to. But he had no choice besides listening to his parents as they were too old to look after themselves. Leaving his wife at home he was in town to excel their way of life. But life is not that simple, we don’t always get what we expect for. It’s even more wearisome in town as there is more and more tooth to feed in a single opportunity. Laxman had exactly been in the same condition. Though he was fortunate enough to have found a job, he could be proud of; among thousands.

Since it was festive time, there were more people than ever before and Laxman could easily see it in the bus. The bus was crammed with full passengers. As Laxman looked at their face he could easily read the impatience written all over their faces. It may be, because everyone had a festival called Dashain to deal with. As he was already in the bus he said to himself, “Aja ghar janu parla, sabai shopping bhole ra parse milayera garchu ane arko din tira gau janu parla”.

Laxman forayed his eyes around probably in search of a sit but to no avail. Thanks to Dashain, he comforted himself. Just then a sweet aroma caught his diverted attention. Inside the bus, just before him stood a young, beautiful and sumptuous woman in front of his eyes. Clad in sensuous attire, she was spreading a radiant sparkle inside the bus. Laxman wanted to track down his eyes to other direction but he had no control over his eyes; his eyes seemed not to read the direction from his brain. “Gosh, she is damn hot, lucky guy”, he muttered to himself. At the mean time, the bus got jolted and it brought them more close. The woman fell right in his arm. In a matter of second, he pounced upon the aroma and engulfed it right through to his heart like a hungry wolf. The sudden friction of a scintillating woman gave him an impulsive rush of freshness. Their eyes met for a while. Some how he took control over his eyes; as the woman seemed to notice him.

The bus kept advancing on its route while Laxaman was busy making sleazy attempts to scavenge over her stunningly crafted slender body. She had a perfect curvaceous body with all the oomph. “If god has given us those eyes, why not praise all the beauty of the nature”, he got lost to himself. The woman was of average height like every Nepali woman and Laxman was just taller than her. “How I wish my wife to be as gorgeous as her”. “Bhagya sabai ko aaa afnai”, Laxman thought. Since she was not that tall, she was struggling to get hold of the bar inside the bus, so that she could support herself. As Laxman scoured over her feeble attempts, he got blushed with the vision of the chasm formed between her chests. Never in his wildest dream had he ever seen such a strikingly formed gorge. The testosterone inside him started shooting up.

While some passengers got down at their stops, some got inside for their destination. Laxman was still far from his stops, so he thought “let’s enjoy the travel”. Some passengers were busy in their own talks while some were busy paying for the travel to the conductor. The driver seemed busy in his steering. He was happy enjoying the Dohori and moving his steering left and right. Laxman did not actually liked Dohori but today he found some magic even in the Dohori he seldom liked.

A passenger just by his side stood up to get down at his stop. Laxman quickly got hold of the seat. But as he sat down, he got his eyes crossed with the woman he had been flirting with. So, he made a polite request and made the woman take the seat as every gentleman are supposed to do. Merrily the woman took the seat and thanked him for his generosity with a cute smile. Laxman acted as if he was carefree. Holding by the horizontal bar Laxman looked the other way, so that the woman wouldn’t notice his intention. After a brief seconds, he gave a crooked look at the woman and Laxman got thrilled finding her looking at him. For a while he could not make out what should he be doing and excused himself with a frantic smile.

Slowly people started to disappear one by one from the bus. Since the seat beside the lady was empty, she signaled him to comfort himself by the seat. Laxman hastily marched towards the empty seat next to the beautiful lady. Both stayed mummified for a moment. “Kata jharne rahecha yo kt”, Laxman tortured his brain.

He was eager to start a conversation with the lady but he didn’t know how to, as he rarely talked with woman other than his own wife. He surveyed around tickling for a topic to converse with the woman sitting next to her. He got his brain stuffed with different ideas in a matter of second, which he thought he should talk with the woman about. But he dropped all of them; since he contemplated none of them would really work out. He cursed himself for letting go such a great chance. The Dohori was still being played in the backdrop in a full swing.

“Tapai kata samma ho?” The question caught him by surprise, as it was bowled to him by the same lady; he had been seeking ways to chat with. He got stuck for a while and in a stammering tone told, “maaa …..Ma mammm….Sitapaila samma”. “ane tapai ne” Laxman threw the ball at her court. But the lady couldn’t get his question, so she came closer to him; really closer. He could feel the magnetic vibes coming from the lady. Thanks again to the driver and the Dohori that helped him bring the lady closer to him. “Hajur”, the lady spoke out folding her well built legs that had the touch of perfection. The fair mischievous legs gave him a slight pleasure of electrifying charisma.

Laxman felt each of her body parts was seductive. Her eyes beautified with black mascara, her aesthetic gorge in between the chest, her picture perfect large sized bust, her authentic buttocks and her slender fantasying legs were all picture perfect to bring any young man down on his knees. She was more like one of the actresses he had seen on some movie. “Herda ta dhani bau ko chhori jasto chha, feri kina bus ma chadechha”, “Hya, aap(mango) khana paye poge halyo ne, rookh(tree) sanga ke matlab, Laxman mumbled. “K bhanuu bhayeko”, the lady asked in her soft tone. “kehi hoina”, Laxman swayed away from the question. Laxman, then started moving on a fast pace and kept continuing the chit-chat that had so much to give and nothing to lose.

“Ohoo mero stop ayechha, la hai ta, ma janchu”, the lady whispered in his ear again. Laxman was out of his senses. He couldn’t figure out what he should be saying. “Ane ma tapaiko pane bhada deyara janchu la, feri bhetaula”, she sighed in his ear once again but for the last time.

His eyes dropped her to the stop but still had those goose bumps all over. He didn’t want that moment to end so soon. The thrill made him fly high over. He was looking for some more fun. But now that wasn’t possible since she had deserted him alone there in the bus. “Dashain ta mero lagi ramro janchha jasto chha”, he beamed with a satisfaction. The thought of Dashain; at once gravitated him to the ground of reality from where his feet were high over, “Ooooooohoo…” he startled. “How could I be so dim-witted…… God?”. His wallet was out of his pocket.

Moral of the story: DON’T CARRY A WALLET.............(wotttttt???)
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