“Ever racked your brain to know what the best way to start your day is?” then you would end up yielding only one answer, “With a sip of refreshing tea.” Well not only that it’s a wonderful idea even to wind up the day with a cup of light coffee instead of BHATTEKO KO bitter GANAUNE LOCAL RAKSHI. A cup of tea, sitting by the window, a newspaper in hand, while soft wisp of steam curl up from the tea is an ample scene that pops up in my mind every time I have a sketch of a perfect moment.

KALO CHHIYA, DODH CHIYA or a coffee what ever we shall name it, it’s simply a common form of tea and everyone either a king or a peddler commences their day with it. A freshly brewed tea drives away all the indolence and fills in us the inner strength to limber up for any hectic schedule. No matter, its winter or summer, morning, noon, evening or night people love sipping up the tea for no reason. The conventional idea “HOT TEA, THE BEST” is slowly being replaced by cold, icy and chilled coffee. Diabetes patient, never mind can also go for tea, I mean CHINI NAHELO CHHIYA, or can opt for salt tea. My friend had problem of acne breakouts, so he was advised to discard SETO DOODH CHIYA but the solution as easy as that, LEMON TEA. Looking for a refreshment between nerve-racking work, the simple yet exotic fresh CHIYA would do that all.

Canteen, café, movie hall, shopping mall or a small PASAL by the corner of a road, all would never fail to attract us with CHIYA. Thronging up in canteen with a cup of tea and bragging about a new girl friend or a new mobile set is a pleasant way to present oneself before friends. If boredom engulfs you and you have nothing to do then SAUNEKO CHIYA PASAL is the best place to beat away the monotony. Holding up a cup of tea and listening to some old man arguing about the political scenario or anything new in the community keeps us abreast of others politically or communally. Besides that we get to flirt even with some CHAWK SAUNI….

CHIYA, a vernacular word for tea may sound normal and simple for many people but it has a significant importance in my life. Frankly speaking the first thing that I learnt in kitchen was to make CHIYA, owing to its simplicity. The first time my girl friend visited my home, I made her happy serving with TATO TATO CHIYA. Even in my practical exam of English, in level that is referred to as FALAMKO DHOKA, I was asked to give the recipe of making a tasty tea. Apart from that when ever I meet my friends, we just park ourselves around some espresso bar and share all that is gliding on in our life. And what more? These lines speak itself……………….

Life is like having a cup of tea. You sit by the window, a book in your hand, while a soft wisps of steam curl up from the tea cup.

You lift the cup, assume a mid-distant gaze, and take a careless sip. Only then realize, somebody forgot to put in the sugar. Too lazy to limber up, you some how struggle through that sugarless cup. Till you, regretfully discover sugar crystals sitting at the end.

By then it’s too late. You are already at the bottom and there is nothing you can do besides staring at the shinning crystals of sugar….
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