The soft breeze of air was flowing swiftly and she could see the leaves of the tree swaying their heads to the beautiful tunes of playful crickets and ever croaking frogs. The aesthetic and alluring moon was playing hide- and- seek with the gigantic clouds. The magnificent aura of the superb flowery aroma had covered the whole area in her magnetizing and voluptuous arms. The whole ambience was scintillating and completely different than the surroundings that she was in some seconds ago.

The moment she stepped outside her house, she took a long deep breathe so as to cheer her guts and to gather within her the freshness of the environment. She never ever had garnered such a wonderful experience of being close to the nature at night. She contemplated for a while and concluded why nature is labeled the most beautiful of all the things we have and above everything we can experience.

She felt really pleased being out at night even though she was not allowed to be out at that particular period of time. But this time around she broke every barrier and brushed aside the family values that had been biased towards her just because she was a lady. Lost in her own world of fantasy, she was completely immersed in the nature and almost forgot why she was there. However a whistle from her friend brought her back to her senses.

Like a firefly she was out in the dark clad in her best attire to experience something new and something exciting. As she got out to the street, she gave a quick look back at her house and found it completely quiet in the backdrop. Without wasting further time she moved ahead towards the place where her boy friend had been waiting for her. Though it was dark she could see faint lines of impatience on his face even from a distance. As she got closer to him, she flashed a smile but he stood still without showing any reactions for a while. He, then gave a close desperate look at her face, caught her hand and made her sit on the bike.

Slowly the bike gathered some momentum and soon they were talking with the wind. The strong splash of cold wind on her face made her even fresh and energetic. The bike started cumulating more speed as both of them wanted to be in the destined party as soon as possible. The curiosity of being in a late night dance party had surfaced in her heart from the time she heard her friends babbling about it. They even cajoled her out to be in the party this time with their sugary and exaggerated bluff. But little did she know they just wanted to sell more of their tickets.

And tonight she set herself to be in the so called dance party that she thought would always be extravagant and lively. She had woven so many wonderful things in her mind about the party. She just wanted to feel and see the magical moment aptly. She hardly had any patience left in her to wait any more. But fate had something she had not expected in store for her. At one of the turning, their bike skidded over because of the uncontrollable speed. They both fell off the bike and the last thing she saw was a graffiti that said, “Drive Slow”.

Next morning as she woke up, she found herself lying on the bed in a hospital with a fractured hand and some scars on her legs. All her family members were around her waiting for her to recover from the unconsciousness. She could feel the deep silence that filled the room. With a frantic smile she surveyed around and fixed her both eyes at the place where her parents were resting. As she peeped into their eyes, she saw tears swelling up. Embarrassed with what had happened, she closed her eyes in a sheer apology as she hardly knew what her explanation could be. And instantly, she covered her face with the blanket and kept on sniveling swiftly and swiftly……..

In one of the corner her friends were sharing the fun moments they had in the dance party. “DJ ta babbal rahechha ne yar!” one of them expressed faintly and the other said, “Arko hafta ta jhan hamile India bata dami DJ bolayeka chhau, so all ya ppl have to b there anyhow”….They kept on whispering how fun, frolic and crispy the party was …..And she just kept listening to them though she didn’t want to……

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