a y3@r dat wOz!!!

           Another year catapulted in the horizon and all I could do was to fetch in a new calendar. I couldn’t either prove my mettle to mark the resolution I had scribbled in the year that went by. I calendared away the whole year without garnering any remarkable achievements that I could be proud of. I could just architect one more story in the ever ascending tower of my dreams and resolutions. I celebrated one more birthday but did not experience anything which has more to do with maturity. Even though, when I look in the mirror I see a person worthy of my respect and admiration. Regardless of what has gone before, I believe there is hope for a brighter and better future.

             The world has grown more materialistic. Relationship, love and affection have lost the values. People have started relating everything with DOLLAR$. Technological boom has shrunk the whole world into a global village. More tough competitions, fierce competitors and rapid fire life have turned every single person into some kind of robotic elements. Majority of human beings are in race for clinching money, name, fame and power. They have learned to sway their heads to the directions from where prospects of better future spark. Even the saints have had been spotted with horns.

            I am also from the same planet and I carry in me the same jealousy and I am also a fore runner in fight for a career. However, sometimes I get an instant vibe to live in the moment, a moment to cherish for, a time to laugh for and a moment where I can live without carrying a regretful soul. How I wish I could rumble in the air like a carefree bird, tumble in the water like an untamed fish, gush through the trees like a careless wind and pass my life like a majestic mountains. But as a popular saying goes on “If only wishes were horses, beggars might ride”, it’s so true. Nevertheless I can’t ignore the fact that I have my family besides me, whose fate depends upon my destination, my career and my way of life. I can’t turn my head away from my duty and responsibility for the sake of my happiness.

        I passed the whole year caught in affliction between living in the moment and being something in life. Overall I just couldn’t stick to one particular thing. I farewell the year with more confusions engulfing me and o’, yeah! I added one more feather to the hat of my journals with this crap.

       At the end of the year I read a line some where that so touched my heart, why? I got no clues….May, be ya have one…. ( if so leh’ meh’ know...)

“When you have time, ya won’t have money to celebrate,
When you’d have money, ya won’t have time to celebrate.”
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