нσł¡dคყ ¡หห

It was five guys on break,
Rumbling and grumbling on bike;
Off from Kathmandu;
The destination was Pokhara,
Fun, frolic and frantic was the moment;
While soothing and calm was the environment.
From daybreak till twilight;
Ultimate phrase was the enjoyment.

Brothers till end;
Though torturous were the bend; on route
Blissful were each second we spent.
The food was appetizing.
While the location was amazing.

All the day was fun;
While trickling was the evening;
Sumptuous night;
Amusing and stumbling.
Sang, dance and scrutinized
The atmosphere,
The ambiance of love, beauty and nature;
Gardened with umpteen sheer pleasure.
Would we forget it ever??

The club was amusing,
While the drinks thrilling;
And the lass mesmerizing.
We sang, dance and fell flat;
On the floor, boulevard and chalet.
Time flew by soon,
We had to return to the place where we belong.
Miss we those days, so strong.

~Some Pictures we clicked along the travel~

ʍάટƬά ©έярάђ 2011
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