Bryan Adam's Concert in Kathmandu~As i forsee!!

This February all the Nepalese youths have two things in mind to think about and take care of; namely Valentine’s Day and Bryan Adam’s Concert which are coined to fall on 14th and 19th of this month respectively. Valentine’s Day is a yearly phenomenon, hence if missed this year; there is definitely the next year. In contrast, Bryan Adam fever is once in a life time event and in context of country like ours, to think of such extravaganza anytime soon shall be a day dream only. Hence, I feel the concert from Canadian Rock Star is going to garner more compliment this February than Saint Valentine’s Day.

Though Kathmandu shall still be gripped in cold on 19th February; Nepalese won’t be held back from attending the feat of extraordinary treats from Bryan Adams. Sea of people from all around the country shall tide in one common place called Dasarth Stadium of Kathmandu. The immense gurgling of people dragging themselves to the venue shall feel the heat mounting up once the drum shall start rolling and the guitar shall start strumming in their full pumped up pace. The sound system imported from India shall definitely grip the mass like magnets.

 The pre-bash session by the local bands and artist shall try to keep the excited people glued to their place; but the attendants shall still be hooting and shouting for the main performer of the acclaimed session.

After the performance of some local bands and artists; the MC would finally present the much desired, ubiquitously talented and extremely phenomenal Bryan Adams on the stage. “Namaste”, he would articulate in his husky Canadian accent and this would send the crowd to a frenzied mode.

Soon he would put on his rhythm guitar and start addressing the crowd mentioning the name of his crew. And it would end with the large deafening applaud from the gathered obedient fans.

In no time, he would start the grand show with his first song titled “Let’s make a night to remember”. The girls would be throwing their hands to reach Bryan Adams; while the guys would be busy jumping up with every beat of the song. “Once more”, would be the call from all around the stadium.

The second song “Everything I do” would even receive more accolades from the presented crowds. As he would sing the first line, the crowd would sing along with him making the environment totally romantic.  Everyone would be swaying their hands in uniformity. The screaming of the female audience would send the rush to each and every single individual presented over there for the treat.

The adrenaline rush would pump to the next level with “summer of 69”. Each and every one would rock hard till they would break their bones. The constant “once more” would turn the whole stadium into some sort of beehive.

These are just some my wild guesses. I know there would be more than this; more than anyone can even expect. The thunderous atmosphere, the dazzling charisma, the rendezvous of life time, the enigmatic persona, the glorifying mysticism and the vindication of life time is going to be at single place. Any one missing this moment shall be a real loser.

Life is indeed beautiful and there are many facades to it. We can never really surmise what tomorrow may hold for us and there may be even more glorifying moments than we do have today. But I would want to live in this moment whereby I can sing along Mr Bryan Adam as it has always been one of my dreams to be at one of his concert. Come 19th, one of my wishes shall come true and I am really looking forward to it.

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