Where Everythin' HappenZ 4 a Reason!!

  SCENE: 1

     A person with pot belly, strange looking spectacles and thin long beard stands in the middle of crowd and starts addressing the mass in his sharp tone, “We should stand for one another, today one of our brothers has been killed; tomorrow it may be one among us. We can’t let go such a sheer carelessness. Since there is nothing that can be done to revive the deceased soul but, as a responsible citizen we can stand united so that his family can get at least some relief in this moment of sorrow. If our small effort can bring peace to the deceased, we should play our part strongly. Let’s stand united for the victims and the poor family in sorrow.”

          The protest program gathers momentum in no time with immense gurgling waves of people. People from all walks of life marches in unison against the act of a bus driver; who carelessly ran over a young man in a brutal mishap. They pelt stones at every means of transportation that defy their protest; some of the vehicles are even set ablaze. The protestors bring the major junctions of the town to a standstill. Students, pedestrians all are part of the protest. Finally, an agreement is reached between the owners of the vehicle and the representative from the sides of the victim. A sum of rupees Six Lacs is paid in favor of the victim

           The protest is called off. People who take part in protest are happy to have been able to help the poor soul But no one bother to care if the money went to the proper hands or not.


        Next day the family of the victim goes to see the person who acted as their representative. “Well,
I did everything to get you the money, so you also need to think about me.” The family members look at the faces of each other. They are unable to respond to the situation. “Okay”, says an old person who is the father of the victim since they do not have any other choices besides paying him for his help.

       This man takes them to the Police station from where they are supposed to collect the money, they were meant to get. The office from the police station also asks for a chunk from the sum. Since they have no alternatives other than this, they decide to feed him too. The police officer then prepares all the papers required. From there, they are taken to the District Office for the collection of the sum. Here too, the remorseless government officers ask for a major margin from the sum.

       When, at last they get the sum in return of their family member, it gets not enough even to finish the last rituals of the victim…..

© ɱɐϩτα Ͼϵϔϼα 2010

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