Letz Pretend™ 2010..

Reality is the ground we don’t want to find ourselves in. We try to force our way away from ground reality so that we can be happy and content in what we can be, not what we are. We, as a human being seldom find happiness in what we do, what we unearth and where we are. We are never content and we forever foray in quest of momentary pleasure. We always fear bringing out our real self in front of the public; hence we all wear a mask of pretentious character which always hides our real self from the world (that’s what we think). But however hard we pretend, we are hollow from inside and we die each day within that façade.

I opened my eyes in the world which always taught me how to pretend and how to masquerade own self in front of others, either to show that I am also in the race or to make others feel that I have what they have. So, I also stuffed myself with the character that taught me how to pretend and how to be the one that I am not; right from the day I opened my eyes.  In fact, we step on earth as an actor. Either we accept or sway away, but the only truth- life is a play, and we all are the actors like Shakespeare scribbled. We play our part superlatively pretending to be an actor. What we never notice is the acting skill we all are endowed with. But I have always best lived with my acting skills and I believe my performance has always remain at par in my favor.

Even during the infancy, when I couldn’t communicate my feelings to my mother; I tried my best to use the props of pretentious tears, so that I could get what I want. The trend is same among every baby. Every time I need or wanted something I had to pretend and show my tears, as if the world is going to collapse ; had I not got what I asked for. During the school days, I always pretended to have understood what the teacher tried to feed me, even though my brain refused to gulp it. I also know the verity, even my friend did same; either in fear or to pretend how smart they are in catching the fairy balls of knowledge the teacher imparted. The most hilarious part comes from us during the exam; when we bow our head down and pretend to be writing on the sheet, even though we know nothing.  But even when we are well versed with the answer, we carry on our acting skills and pretend to be ignorant whenever a friend would ask for the help. I always held my head high, pretending to know the answer whenever a teacher would ask questions in the class. Because, I well understood; the teacher would always go for the one who would hide his head in fear and ignorance.

The same goes on even in love. The guys would always pretend that he is smartest ass alive and the girl is fortunate enough to have found him. He pretends that there are hundreds of young lass dying for him. Then he pretends of being humorous, fashion conscious and caring; because he well knows, ladies would always fall for such lads. Even the ladies may share the same feelings but it’s their choices. I have also remained aligned to such malpractices but now I have understood how disgusting it is to fool around for momentary pleasure. What I detest most is the acting when it goes on, even in the public places with PDAs (Public Display of Affection). Better save it for some sunny days.

As I delve deeper, I have found that we use our acting skills best mostly on our relatives. And they too play what they can to us in return with interest. I pretend to be with them during their low moments in fear that I might also need them during my low times. I pretend and try to show that I have always wanted to help them, where as the fact- I never wanted it. I pretend with my tears in front, where as I laugh at their fate on their back.  I become a part of their celebration because I always loved to have fun; not because I am happy for them. Truth is always bitter but as I started to learn the trend of the world, I have begun to feel better.

The doctor pretends to have done the best, but the lonely fact-the patient is dead. The politicians pretend to have run for the nation but the ultimate truth-the nation is crippling. The police and the security force pretend to have established peace- but the commoner are living with biggest fear ever.  The teachers pretend to be on the most honorable position- but the moment they don’t get paid, they call for a stir. The youths pretend to be driving force- but they run for the political leaders and remain as farce. Every day we pretend to be going forward but we are still leaning back. So...

Can we pretend that airplanes in night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now….
© ɱɐϩτα Ͼϵϔϼα 2010

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