A sweet Pain

She touched my hands, I got bewitched,
She whispered in my ear, I was besotted.
She gazed in my eyes, I saw the light,
She clutched my hands, I soared high.

She’s in my breathe,
Ignites in me the glistening strength,
She feels like sun,
And smells like rain.
Apposition she is of beauty and brain.       

Days and nights,
All seems just so fine.
Took sturdy turns
& relied upon the fate.
Though nothing was on,
In this side of the state,
She bestowed me with the love,
& got everything  so alighted.

She’s  all I ever sought,
She’s all I ever got,
Can seldom surmise of being apart.
Since she’s in my blood,
And passes through my vein,
I love her forever;
Even though she is a pain;
all I ever wanna gain…again and again…

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