~~Da gUILTY consciencE~~

~~Da gUILTY consciencE~~                                  
It had already been five years that they have been in love with each other. Kevin and Rita both had good faith in one another and were ready even to settle down with a family. Their journey of love began right from the college, a good friendship and a better companion to each other; it did not take much to fall for one another. Both fell in the lots of most desirable in the world they were exploring. A perfectly blended couple, they always seem to be made for each other; and envy for most of the colleagues. They had shared everything; from textbook to notes and from lover letters to love making and from gifts to beds. Every time they got a chance, they never failed to show their love for one another and every time they were blessed with one such opportunity they never failed to be both erotic and erratic. They both knew their limitations and their capabilities. On top of it, they were aware of what they were doing and where they were heading to. Together they had woven dreams of soaring magnitude and where in no mood to make any further delay. They had decided; it’s high time that they should now get married.

Kevin, a young man of 28 comes from a well-to-do family. He was raised in most affluent manner, had never faced any difficulties of sort. His family was always ready to provide him with everything he had ever desired of. With sound health, good physique and equally perfect looks he often became the hot issue among girls. In past he had spent countless charismatic nights with scores of lovely and beautiful ladies but since Rita came into his life; he got totally changed. He was so attached with her that he wiggled out from every sordid deeds of past. Rita’s love had almost transformed him into a completely new man. He had talked to his parents about his love, Rita. They were the ones who were most happy as their only son was going to start a family of his own.

Rita, the youngest siblings in her family was looked after by her sisters. Two of her elder sisters were married and had settled down some where in abroad. Her parents had passed away many years before in an accident. She was staying with her only sister who was unmarried till date, though the wedding bell for her must have rung already. This sister of her had a very bad bruise, given to her by her so called love. She was broken to such an extent that she decided to never fall in love again or get married. She had distrust for every man. She had categorized every man into single genre of ill filthy parasites, who look for nothing but sex. When she heard from Rita that she had got a most desirable man and that she wanted to get married to him; she was highly disappointed. She had never wanted her sister to buy some dreams from some one, who comes from faction so unpredictable. She tried day in and day out to convince Rita to make second thoughts before taking any further steps but Rita paid no heed to her talks. She trusted Kevin more than any one in the world. Rita told her sister that she can walk to any extent to fetch her dreams. Many days passed in consultations and finally the result came in favor of Rita. Her happiness knew no bounds but it came with one clause laid in front by her sister and she happily endorsed it; as she knew what the outcome is going to be. Her sister wanted to test Kevin under moral grounds and she had a full blown plan on how to carry it out and prove it to Rita; how correct she was in her words and her faith. She told everything to Rita about her plan and how she wanted the support from her to prove how malice intent are the men when it comes to sex. Everything was set up and plot being hatched, they both waited eagerly for the day to come when the result shall be out. Rita, in her wildest dream could not believe how she could be part of such a dire idea. But then she thought any thing for love.

The next day, Rita invited Kevin to her home according to the pre plan. She convinced Kevin that her elder sister wanted to meet him before taking any decision. Since Kevin loved her dearly, he got ready to meet her sister without any hesitations. But his time, he would not be accompanied by Rita; meaning he had to meet Rita’s elder sister all alone.

The time tick tocked to its destination. Kevin was all ready right before an hour. But he wanted to show how punctual he was, so he decided not make any haste. Set in most fanciful and attractive designer’s suit, he looked nothing less than any actor seen on the silver screen. Kevin wanted to create the first and lasting impression in the mind of Rita’s elder sister. He rightly knew what the first impression could do, so he chose not to mess up with anything at all. With everything perfect and in the way he could manage to, he headed to Rita’s home where he was invited by Rita’s sister and that too all alone. He did not have even the slightest of hint about what was going to happen in the coming hour.

Zooming in his car, he swiftly moved towards his destination. Some beautiful song of love was also being played in his car. Whistling the song loud aloud, he seemed so happy and content. He was one step closer to his love. In an hour or half, he was right in front of Rita’s residence He screeched his car, stepped out, banged the door; gazed in the car’s mirror, managed his dress and took a long big stride with an attitude.

There on the door, his sister-in-law was waiting for him to receive him. He thought he could make the impact on the first go but there he stood gazed at his in-law; the impact he wanted to make turned opposite. Clad in long black dress, she looked startlingly gorgeous. The dress she had put on looked as if it was meant for her only. No one would have carried it off so well, he thought to himself. Her slender figure had added more glitz and charisma. He was swept of his feet with her magnetic presence. There he stood thawed unable to utter any words. Before he could do anything, she approached him and wished a good evening and a sweet welcome with a warm hug. She was acting as if she had known him from the years ago. She walked ahead in the most attractive poise leading him inside the home. Kevin quietly followed her as if he had been hypnotized. He could clearly see the wide open cut behind her back. A tattoo of an angel on her lower back was clearly visible. Her smooth voluptuous back and well crafted buttocks were giving him an amazing feel. For a moment he was completely lost in the splendid body of his in-law. After all, who could ignore the fact that he come from the fraternity who are called man. There is an English epigram that says it all “All men are dogs”.

It was winter season, the sun had already made to his home. And along, followed all the subjects of the nature. The cold was slowly catching the momentum. It had set out on its duty and was knocking on the door of every one; from a peddler’s hut to the king’s palace, it was every where. Far, far in the sky the moon was all alone, quiet and shivering. The stars used to be her only friends in the vast stretched universe but today the story was different. They seemed to be lost in the veil of clouds stretched far and wide. To make the matter worse, a cold wind was howling on top of its lungs. The tress, who often demonstrated their vigor were also shuddering this way and that way with the bitter cold. Each and everything were on their feet unable to fight the shooting cold.

But the tales were different inside. Kevin was by now feeling the heat in the atmosphere. He was already in the room and it felt as if everything were meant to welcome him. The red candles burning swiftly, the chandlers put to dim mode and the swift sentimental music slowly playing in the background gave him a feeling that he was there for his first date with the lady who was standing in front of him. The walls inside the room were decorated with portrait of beautiful landscapes and some abstract arts. In the middle of the room laid a fine dinning table with candles of different shapes, design and colors. On the far left was the sofa made from fine leather in a complete dark shades.

“Make your self comfortable”, she said. “I’ll be back in couple of seconds”. She moved out of the room. He could still hear her stilettos even though she was out.

“ Gosh, she is one big bomb, she is amazing. Is she trying to hit on me? Feels like today’s gonna be my night”. He then jumped on the sofa set on the far left.

After nearly five minutes, she appeared in the room with a wine in her hands. This time she looked completely different. She had shaded her long black dress and was standing in front of him in a red gown with her stunning legs clearly visible. To some extent the gown was transparent and the lights in the room could easily penetrate it. She sat beside him and offered him the drink in the most seductive manner. As she was pouring the drinks slightly bending forward, he was enjoying the vision of the gorge formed between her chests. The ravishing chasm looked as if they had been crafted to make any one lost. Kevin took the drink from her but she said “No ya’ have to drink the first one from my hand”. Kevin just nodded his head. This time, she got really closer. She was so close that he could easily feel her heart too. He sipped the whole drink in one gulp. The magical aroma that drizzled from her body enticed him to such a level that he could not resist. He swallowed the whole fragrance in a single breathe that went right to his heart. The room grabbed a sudden silent for a while.

Kevin opened up his mouth this time, “So should we come to the point and start on our talk about me and Rita”. “Yeah, why not?” she exclaimed. “But just a second, let us finish this bottle first”, she said. But Kevin gave a negative nod and said, “We can certainly, but first let’s finish our talks”. “Okay, then let me put this wine bottle on the table”.

She stood up with her back towards him holding the bottle of wine in her hand. The red transparent gown was not able to hide her ornaments of priceless dignity. All the curves and arcs were adding more to her beauty. She swayed ahead towards the table just like some model on the ramp, promoting some wears. Kevin opposed in full velocity, but he knew that he was getting hard on. He had been through many such moments in the past and had tackled in the manner he was supposed to. But after coming close to Rita, he was only in her. So, he had lost track of past records.

She came back in a second again with the same moves that were alluring to the eyes. Just then she held him by his hands and said, “Let’s dance for a while, please”. He did not want to make anything go wrong as he was pre-notified by Rita that one wrong move could ruin their relations. So he wanted to make her happy by any means.

As he stood up, she held him by his hands and got close. They started to dance slowly to the tunes of the music. The music took a different turn and it got more romantic. This time around, she held him in her arms and started moving in a very erotic manner. Now it was it, he could not bear any more, so he ran right out of the door and was out under the sky in a flash.

As he got outside, Rita engulfed him her arms. She uttered, “I love you”. Her eyes were full of tears and before he could speak single words, his in-law stood right before him. “Ya have passed my test, now ya are free to marry her”. She told him everything that was set as a plan to check his faithfulness towards Rita. She took all the blame for the doings and pardoned her way inside.

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY (only Kevin knew)…

Actually he had run out to fetch the condoms that he had in his wallet and he had some how forgotten inside the car.

The moral: Never carry the condom in your wallet.

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