~~~a fraction of EmotionZ~~~

“Hi, Sarina waz up? So, how are ya doin’?”

As she listened to these words she unwind the blanket just to find out her long time buddy Sujin in front of her eyes with a bouquet of flowers. Slowly she moved her blanket aside and stood still on her back.

“Yeah, I am quiet fine and by the way nothing has happened to me, for God’ shake plz don’t look at me that way”. Sujin became speechless. He remained clues less and couldn’t figure out what he should say. “Yeah, ya look ok now”, spoke Sujin.

Sarina got very happy and excited seeing Sujin. She was happy that she now had someone to talk to. “Sit down here and tell me how is Rubin?” “Aaaaa, Rubin!”, he faltered. “Yeah, Rubin, Tell me how is he?” Sujin face withered as she asked of Rubin. He looked as if he had just drunken a bottle poison…He got lost in his own world for a while. His eyes dripped in the pool of tears were enough to say everything. But Sarina couldn’t make out anything and she didn’t want to either.

“Sujin, don’t do so,plz tell me how is my Rubin, tell me now, I have no more patience left in me” Sujin gathered every courage inside him and in a single breathe spat out everything that had long stuck in his heart like a water hyacinth in a pond, “Sarina, Rubin is no more with us. He left this world making us all alone. The accident separated him from us. Now, we no more have to laugh at his silly jokes; we needn’t nod our head to his disgusting ideas and we even needn’t rot our brains to his senseless lyrics.”

While Sujin kept on venting out his frustrations Sarina felt a sudden rush of chill running down her spine. Some sort of emptiness and loneliness crept inside her. She felt a complete grasp of blackout. She was baffled how a person she had loved so dearly could leave her all alone forever, how a person with whom she had shared her dreams and fear could desert her crashing her sweet dreams and aggravating her fears. His lustrous smile, twinkling lovely eyes, wide strong arms and possessive but intricate heart would now, never be available to her; neither in happiness nor in gloominess. Though she tried hard to resist her tears they kept oozing down her cheeks.

The tears gleaming in the eyes of poor Sarina compelled Sujin to ponder over his rude remarks made in anguish. “May be I shouldn’t have told her about the incident at this time”, he cursed himself for his impatience and stupidity. “But somewhere it comes to me that I did right job”, Sujin concluded again. “I have to console Sarina anyhow”, he talked to himself.

Sarina was standing near the window sill, turning her back towards Sujin; gazing at the sky, murmuring some words, perhaps to the Lord or may be to her ill fate….

Lil white flowers shall neva` awaken U,
Not 4m where da black coaches of shadow has taken u,
`NgelZ won’t ever think of returnin’ U.
Wud dey B’ angry if I thought of joinin’ u??

As Sarina was disheartened by the sudden appalling news, Sujin changed his mind. He decided not to say anything at the time and stopped his steps. Instead, he scribbled some words on the card he had brought and made his way towards the door leaving Sarina all alone.

Even the nature seemed to pity on her. The dark clouds filled the whole sky. It cut off the sight of the sky and in a matter of seconds lashed hard on earth in the form of rain. Sarina glanced out of the window and felt as if the sky too was shedding tears in her sorrow; the rain--they sounded tedious and hopeless, as though they were telling over something inexpressively dreary and awful, something of which they were weary to the point of repulsion, something from which they have liked to run away but about which it was nevertheless imperative that they should accept …………..

The road was flocked with umbrellas and raincoats. People were running desperately to escape the heavy downpour. Everyone was busy in their own struggle against the nature. Even though they were trying hard to getaway with the rain, one or two drops would get them anyway. Sarina, in the same manner, though tried hard to accept the unbeatable facts some beautiful past moments with Rubin would always enhance her sorrow and affliction. Sarina was fighting with her emotions to cope up with the facts while the rain was falling continuously and endlessly to clean up the earth………..

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