!!Foolz PardiZE...

Can’t blame anyone
‘Coz I was the fool.
Hope was my mistake,
Trust was my dream.
Everything so shattered,
My heart crumbled and battered.
My soul trashed,
My faith kicked and lamed.
Sorrow, grief and pain,
Are my pieces of bread.
Can’t even out show my torments,
Lies they do deep inside.

The pervasive ordeal,
Of a banned soul…
Has plagiarized in my life.
From sunrise to sunset,
Everything seems upside down.
Neither matted head,
Nor philanthropic mania,
Gonna giv me the moment of peace.
 Abstaining from the sordid desire,
  I’m learning to be at ease.

Tears no more.
Memories dumped to da shore,
Dumb headed was I,
Now learnt 4rm da mistake.
Lament is wat I do.
Betrayal was the result.
Regret is my lesson.
Since, I did lost da direction,
In hope of a false destination.

So, was it true they say,
Foolz learns by da mistake,
Do they, Do they….!!!!
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