Still On

Those moments of peace,
Is feasting on me slowly.
I can’t persist on.
Nor, I can abstain from it.
Those crawling nights.
And insurmountable nights,
Does often leave me restless.
No, smart choice; But
To lose myself in the music,
And those glorious moments of togetherness.

In a far off region,
Desperate with my seclusion.
Pondering in the darkness,
Lethargic with my gloominess.
Just the stars above to guide me on
And my  destiny to slide me on.
The eluded soul;
The shredded anticipation;
The erratic directions,
And oh! Those never ending temptations.

But when I see your angelic face,
Reminded I’m; not to back off.
Energized, I get; to carry on.
May, whatever falls on,
When you’re with me,
I toss up again- screaming,
“No, I won’t give up!”
“No, I won’t give up!”


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