Revealing myself in Seven Lines..

I am fully honored and so thankful to receive my first blogger award from my friend Balqis. Accepting nomination is quite an easy task as compared to the one, i am supposed to be doing after having nominated. Anyway, I have tried my best to open up seven random facts about me and I hope it would be quite a good read.....

1. I am an avid reader. I love to read during my free times. Any books, magazines, newspaper or even blog of my friends is what keeps my boredom at bay. But at times, i also love watching movies and i have a good collection of them too.

2.I sip lots of tea, cofee(whatever i can find). I can't write or think anything without a cuppa tea/coffee by my side. Morning,day or night- i love to sip it everytime i can find one.

3. I have a strong love inside me for kids. I love playing with them and i feel their babbling talks are too cute.

4. I have great thirst for literature. I try to read whatever i can find at my disposal.Some times i try on my own to create some pieces too, as I am greatly inspired by those who writes.

5. I wish to be loved and love back equally. My friends,my families and my relatives are my assets and i wish to treasure them forever.

6. I love to stay away from hypocrites,height( as i have severe fear against height) and politicians.

7.I wish to travel around the world( but that's a dream only), have my own publication house and big cruise.....

To cover up oneself in seven lines is really a difficult task. There errupts a fights in the mind quite often, whether this should be included or that should be. And finally when i think i am done, i feel this should be ommited and corrected.  but at last, I have finished the task assigned to me and i really feel great about that.
               Once again, Thanks Balqis.
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