Some where i BELONG!!!

Been there, done that,
Scattered here I’m in tits and bits.
Lured by onus of teenage dream;
Time and again, I whimper and scream,
Take me, take me to the place,
Where I belong.
Setting aside the cause,
At momentary pause.
I wanna sing the ultimate song,
Coz,I wanna sling once again to,
Where I belong.

Lost amidst the shadow of cacophony here,
Hard, it’s for me to breathe and smile.
O’ wind encircle and sweep me;
Sweep me to the place of my old peeps,
To the mountains of sunshine,
Where street speaks and trees squeaks.
Can ever there be such place,
Where I can show my tears and still speak.

The much anticipated;
Caressing of my mother,
And the blessing of my agile father;
Ain’t now be further.
Within the span of time I define shorter,
O heaven, would I be there,
To evoke the gone by moments again;
To relive the missed joy and enliven;
Enliven the happiness, doing away with the suffocating pain.

Defenestrate me to my place;
To the place of my birth;
Where everything I can call mine;
From sky to the earth.
I wanna sing the song;
Please take me to where I belong.

Disclaimer: This simple prose illustrates the feelings of someone who is far away from home country and is making a mindset to travel back once again to the place of his/her birth place. 

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