The REAL trouble;late REALisation

The raid conducted on December 20, 2010 found out that there were thousands of cartoons of real juice with manufactured date of January 2011.The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) on Monday raided multinational company Dabur Nepal’s factory at Rampur in Bara district. The CIAA raided the factory after receiving complaints that the company had been imprinting false manufacturing date in its products.  (

Dabur Nepal has been burgling huge amount of sum from commoners since unknown with goods of low quality and grade; but it came to limelight just months ago when CIIA seized tons of such goods from their godown based in terai; in ploy of trying to supply real juice with tampered manufacturing date. During the raid, more than seventy four thousand cartoons of real juice were found with forged manufacturing date. The executives from real juice also acknowledged their part of mistakes; but the most surprising result came to us when these ugly and unethical businessmen were left  to walk under the open sky after paying the sum of rs five crore. Now, is it justifiable? Is our health not more than that sum? Isn’t it the time for us to voice out the anti slogans and make to the street? Where are all the protestors that often burn tyres even at the bad remarks towards their leaders?

The chief executive of Dabur Nepal, Udayan Ganguly, and Production Head Indranil Gupta were released on bail of Rs 50 million on Wednesday.The commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) raid, on December 20, found wrong print of manufacturer dates on Company’s food production. The unauthorized print on 74 thousand cartons of Real Juice was found. CIAA penalized the company with such amount.The CIAA interrogation with top officials of Dabur Nepal revealed that the later had mistaken for stamping false manufacturing dates due to miscommunication among company’s staff.A CIAA team sealed Rs. 80 million worth Real Juice that had wrong manufactured date.

   Dabur Nepal has been following such malpractices of supplying low quality goods from very earlier. People had been complaining about unearthing black sticky substance, algae, dust particles, stinking liquid etc from the packet of real juice; but the ones with authority to look over such misconduct turned their deaf ears, the reason they were accumulating huge sum from these business house in return. For the image makeover of their low grade products they flooded the media with commercials; even Rajesh Hamal monkeyed for them. But, finally they got to where they belong but we believe that’s still not enough.

Real juice comes with an expiry date of six months. When raided it had been found that, these juice were already in godown with the manufacturing date of January 2011; though the production had been carried out in November. This means the juice is already two months old when they were still in the godown.  Now it may take around another one month to reach district headquarter of the company, making it three months old. And since there may already be the stock of old packets it won’t
be possible to avail those juices in the market at once; that means almost another one more month. Finally, when they would hit the market; these packets of juices would already be five months old. I don’t think it would be possible to finish all those packets within one month. This means we shall be forced to pay and guzzle down the expired juices.

Dabur Nepal is just one of the players in the market who have been duping consumers with false promises, thus plundering away our hard earned money. There are dingy business houses all over us, and we have no control over whatsoever. We are living under their shadow and reluctant to opine our voices against them even though we know they are going against the term “ethics”.

Nepal Telecom is feeding us with pitiable quality service, expensive, over rated and grimy torture. Then there is Nepal Oil Corp that always buzz up with sentence “we are going in loss, hence we are forced to hike the current price” once in a month. Even then their product is hardly viable with “shortage” stamped on their head. Likewise, there is Nepal Electricity that deprives us of their services during winter on pretext that the water level is low, where as in summer they bowls us with the excuse that the water level is too high to resume the services. Thus load shedding the whole year round; even then we are tight-lipped.  Nepal airlines, previously labeled as RNAC has nothing to offer. They started their services way back in time along with Thai Airlines. Thai Airlines is flying high in air with pride but our RNAC is still grounded with no visible sign of improvement. Each and everything in Nepal is highly corrupted and the whole country is in dire situation with nothing good as of yet. Education, Transportation, Roadways, and Water Supply: each and every sector is in dire situation and needs radical changes.

I read somewhere that we also have ‘Consumer Forum’ but I have heard really little of it and there are many like me, who are still ignorant about this fact. Consumer Protection Act needs proper enforcement and people are to be made aware about it. Business houses have to be monitored on a regular interval regarding their products. Frequent crackdown and raid on illegal moves are necessary. People should actively participate against each and every such organization that tries to sell fake low quality products with big dreams.

The government is to blame chiefly for this. Until and unless the government keeps their rigidity towards such swindlers the exploitation is only going to increase.  The government should stop working in favor of businessmen and business houses in anticipation of donation and fund support.
Even the journalists, newspapers and other intellectual bodies have to keep nagging about their wrong moves with right insights. The consumers should be dominant forces and the business houses a submissive one as opposed to the current one. To cope with demonic chaos in the markets and to prevent severe consequences, a consumer movement under the guidance of working class ideology is essential.

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