Celebratin FrenShip Day 2010

                                  An archaic English epigram which reads “Friendship is the gift of God” stands flawless to me. Friends are the quintessential part and parcel of life. Life sans friends may seem ordeal for everyone. No matter how mundane and inflicted your life is; they just stick with you through thick and thin, encourage you every time and listen to you with absolute joy and patience.

                                In the world where we are driven by our own good, where we just want to see our self in the scene, I’m so lucky to have been able to vanquish those fair weather friends and team up with one who is worth millions and millions. A stoical human being with unconventional energy, confident and passionate for being some one in life; I have often found him to be one for every petty success that I have choreographed in my life till date.

                                  Change is the dictum of world that fetches complexities but we’ve quite managed to keep this cliché at the bay. Not a single complexity has been able to withstand the strength of our friendship. It is equally true as has been pointed out by the Great Roman Orator; Cicero that friendship diminishes our misery by enabling us to share the burden of it with others.  When fortune inflicts a heavy unavoidable blow upon us, our grief is alleviated by friendly condolences and by the thought as long as our best friends are left to us, life is still worth living.
There is no such occasion when my best friend has ever deserted me all alone. I have been indebted till my neck for the good that he has done to me. There are so many wonderful moments that I have got to share with him. Every single moment is worth cherishing for. Definitely, time won’t hold same to me, the winds of change are sure to cast their evil eye upon our heavenly friendship but I am fully prepared to counter attack all those nuisances.

                        Calligraphing his name anywhere is my sheer fortune. Niranjan--- just his name does the magic, gives me a vibe, so positive and so amazing. Two decades of friendship has taught us many things, we have even seen many ups and downs but they are just what life is all about. God to whom the death of a sparrow is equal to death of a human being has in His mercy, thus limited our knowledge so that we would fulfill our duty for which we have been appointed. I mean we are unaware of our future and that’s one thing that keeps us going, uncertain yet worth fighting for.

                     We all are born different and thus we do inhibit different attitude and aptitude. No one is born perfect; it’s the learning process through which we get enlightened. Most of time in our life we do something thinking it would make someone happy but the result comes in the reversed form. To understand the human nature and his want is really a hectic job.  But again if we try, we can latch up the lacuna between us. Friends are those who can understand what is within us, so a philosopher once said, “Good friend are those who can sing back the song within you heart when you tend to forget the lyrics”. And my friend just gives me the image of all these beauty.

                     Good loads of years have passed; a shimmering new year is one its way to add one more glorifying year to our friendship. So, I hope to present my good buddy with what I can in this FrenShip Day~ a short journo. NIRANJAN----When I say that you are my best friend, I say it with a heart that delights in your presence, treasures your honesty and enjoys your sense of humor. I say it with a loyalty that comes deep within ~ ~ I say it with a warm and cheerful smile on my face and with a sense of gratitude for all you have done to me and for every trouble that you have  been through to see me content. It’s my sheer luck to have friend like you. May our friendship grow like this in the years to come, 
                    “Happy Frenship Day”…                    


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