“…..Coz I’m leavin’ on a jet plane, Don know wen I’ll be back again…..”

This is the very own song dat mah fren played once ‘N twice durin’ a lavishin’ farewell party thrown to us before leavin fo’ abroad…..N it has been a popular tune lately, among my fraternity of people who are makin fo’ abroad dis day or dat day but the same song gives me goose-bumps pertaining to anger and disgust.

Well, my fren,he seemed very delighted as he waz one step cloSer to his dream. Nevertheless, da realization of fact dat he wud b far from me dug a fathomless hole in my soul. My eyes sunk in da pool of tearz wid partial joy and utmost pain. However, I was da one who helped him day in N day out in documentation, I jus’ cudn’t Njoy da party. May be it’s da pain of separation or a feeling of emptiness that cropped inside me. There might be hundreds of possible reasons behind my gloominess but da only reason dat made him opt for foreign soil is the pitiful and traumatizing condition of my so-called peaceful and beautiful country “N-E-PAL”….

Most of my nearest n dearest pals have been successful in getting’ their passport stamped wid a welcome VISA. Only a handful of frenz are left wid me N they too are preparin’ fo’ IELTS. Each time I climb the ladder of a new semester, I find da number of colleagues fallen sharply. I’m afraid if someday I’m gonna be da only student left fo’ graduation. Although, I’m glad dat the consultancy business has thrived n has thus provided bread n butter to numberS of people.

First it waz rAj, den PASSang, den came suROSE….fourth…..fifth….Very soon its gonna be a very dear brother of mine “NIRAJ”. Raj is a proud brave soldier of BGR, SUROSE N PASANG has settled in land of kangaroos.

These are da frenz dat I miss most today. Every time I feel lonely, I rejoice myself wid da fun filled memories of past wen we were together. I remember how we wud support each other morally n financially wen one of us would be down wid quandary. Now E-MAIL N INTERNET seems to be da only medium dat brings us together. Things have changed as times have soared by, seasons have fluttered away, and rivers have flown by but our frenship hasn’t lost its track yet.

Though we are in touch, our relationship isn’t as steady as it used to be. Da frequencies of phone calls have nearly reached da ground level; mails can be seen once in a blue moon. Wat I can cherish upon are da comments dat I sometimes get to c on HI5. I can understan’ its not dat easy being in an alien land, but wen old frenz are forgotten in struggle for existence, it really hurtz a lot.

These days whenever I am called for a fare well party, I am haunted by da sheer fear of loosin’ my pals. Fare well has almost been a FEAR-WHALE to me. N I detest the song even if it’s aired some where in a distant place…..

“Life is not a race, so take it slower,

Hear da music before the song iz over.”……

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